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Moving Through Grief

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, or the loss of life as we knew it before the pandemic, grief is inevitable and affects us in various ways. As we have different needs and levels of grief, there are many ways that we may prepare ourselves to cope with the inevitable. One uncommon approach is finding the right book to meet our needs. Books may serve as a reference and provide answers during times of indecision or questioning. They may also be very helpful in providing comfort during hard times and allowing us to find a sense of normalcy in the midst of chaos.

During difficult times, specifically grief and trauma, books can be helpful because they show that there is no one way to grieve or heal. We are all individuals with different situations and there is no “right” way to engage in the healing process because healing can look different for everyone. Books can provide time alone with yourself to connect your thoughts and feelings. They can be a quiet reminder that we are not alone which provides hope. Carving out time during your busy day to reflect and read can be a very useful strategy in regulating your emotions, and relaxing. You may even choose to listen to an ebook during your drive home.

When we find ways to adjust our thoughts and feelings, it helps to have something to connect to. Finding the right book may provide that source of information. Whatever book you choose to read, be sure to explore your own thoughts and feelings. Allow yourself the time needed to recover and acknowledge the loss. Grief is a life-long journey and the pain may not fully go away. While the effects of grief and the healing process is different for everyone, we do know that ignoring it may cause a negative impact on our health. Give yourself permission to cope, readjust, and grieve in your own way. Connect with a trusting person in order to not feel like you are carrying the load alone. Coming to terms with grief and understanding how it impacts our lives is the first step in moving forward.

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